• About Us

    The Meláni Clinic enhances and restores ones natural features through the art of micro-pigmentation. Specializing in both makeup and paramedical procedures, we ensure the highest industry standards and training as well as provide an extensive consultation with each client to achieve their own definition of “Permanent Perfection.”

    Our technicians are highly educated and have trained under world renowned Basma Hameed who is an industry pioneer. With this distinction, you can rest assured that the Meláni name brings forth advanced techniques as well as the essential study of symmetry and colour theory.

    All our colours are customized and hand mixed with the finest mineral pigments to insure optimal results for each client and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction. At Meláni, such satisfaction is not only about enhancing and restoring ones natural features, but more importantly ones confidence!

Having a family member with Vitiligo (the loss of melanin in the skin) and witnessing the devastation it can bring, founder Nicole Skamanis came to discover there is no known cure for the skin condition. In her search for treatment options, she came across an ancient art form with a modern twist, micro-pigmentation. This variation of traditional tattooing would allow for artificial pigment to be added back into the skin at the dermal level.

From that point on, she knew she could make a difference in people’s lives, including her family member and set out to train with leading industry specialist Basma Hammed at the Basma Hameed Academy . In doing so, Nicole Skamanis gained invaluable knowledge and created the Meláni Clinic providing options to individuals with various paramedical conditions as well as the desire for cosmetic treatments such as makeup.