• Paramedical

    Paramedical Micro-pigmentation is an innovative method of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of skin with the intent to correct and restore it to a previous or desired state. This procedure is designed for individuals with surgical scars, burns, birth marks, vitiligo as well as for mastectomy patients that would like to recreate an areola and nipple.

Surgical Scars / Burns
Scars are in essence fibrous connective tissue that are produced by the body after a wound, burn or sore. The skin becomes thickened and the melanocytes, or colour producing cells are destroyed and unable to produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin colour. This destruction is the reason why scars typically have a white appearance upon healing, however can be reddish depending on the scar type. Therefore, we re-pigment the scar tissue with a colour that blends with the surrounding tissue for a desired effect.

Areola Reconstruction
This procedure is for clients that have undergone and completed their mastectomy and/or breast reconstructive surgery and would like the finishing touches. Our innovative 3D procedure allows for the re-pigmentation of the breast tissue, or reconstructed tissue to simulate an areola and nipple. From a breast lift needing re-pigmenting to a mastectomy with reconstructed tissue, we work with each client to ensure the correct positioning, colour and size.

A birthmark is an irregularity in the skin that is acquired before birth, or shortly after and is categorized by two types, pigmented and vascular. With a strong background in colour theory and industry knowledge it is possible to improve and correct the appearance of a birthmark. This procedure is designed for clients with birthmarks that include: café au Lait, Mongolian, Port Wine Stain or a Salmon Patch.

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the skin loses its natural pigment. When melanocytes, the pigment producing cells die, or stop producing melanin our natural skin pigment, the skin becomes very white in colour. The darker the persons natural skin tone, the more the de-pigmented skin will stand out. Our clinic can improve, or correct the appearance of this skin condition through customizing pigments to match the sounding skin. Once the ideal colour is selected, the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to achieve results.